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Quality Protection through Gas Phase Air Filtration is the use of dry-scrubbing media to remove chemical contaminants and odors from the air.

Filter Media

We offer chemically impregnated pellets (media), with the unique ability to remove gases and odors from contaminated air. When contaminated air comes into contact with the media, physical and chemical processes occur which render gases and odors harmless. The contaminants "bond" with the media as the purified air passes through and is circulated back into the environment. The dry-scrubbing technology provides meaningful benefits to your artifacts, equipment and employees. Failure to remove gaseous contaminants can result in many problems: from the destruction of priceless artifacts and the corrosion of sensitive electronic equipment, to increased downtime and inefficient energy consumption, not to mention posing hazards to the health of your employees.

Corrosion Control Systems

Our air purification systems are designed based upon the following criteria:

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Side Access Unit

Powered or non-powered unit adaptable to HVAC systems and ductwork to remove gaseous contaminants from the air.


Compressor Intake Filtration Unit

Non-powered unit removes gaseous contaminants that attack intercoolers and other parts of centrifugal compressors, as well as downstream instrumentation. 

Tub Scrubber System

Used in high contaminant gas areas, the single bed TSS provides pressurization/recirculation of air and extended service life. 

Corrosive-Aire Systems

In-room unit provides recirculation for areas with moderate gas contaminant levels

Computer Air Recirculation Equipment

In-room unit cleans and re-circulates air through computer room's raised floor plenum

Deep Bed Scrubber

Used in areas with high contaminant gas levels, the multi-bed DBS provides pressurization/recirculation and extended service life.

Positive Pressurization Unit

In-room unit provides pressurization/recirculation for areas with moderate levels of gas contaminants.

Contaminant Gas Monitor

Series of electronic instruments to monitor total gas concentrations in the PPM to PPB range.

Electronic Cabinet Unit

Powered unit supplies clean pressurization air directly into electronic cabinet located in contaminated environments.