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DriPak® 2000 Filter

Designed for high performance in demanding operating conditions, the ultrasonically welded DriPak 2000 extended surface pocket filters can function as prefilters or final filters where clean air is a necessity.  DriPak 2000 filters are ideal for healthcare facilities, automotive paint booths, commercial buildings, and a variety of industrial applications.  Designed and manufactured by AAF International, pioneers in extended surface pocket filters, the DriPak 2000 filter raises the industry standard for value and performance. 


Now Better Than Ever

Today's DriPak 2000 filter features a unique, ultrasonically welded pocket configuration that guarantees complete pocket inflation and eliminates crowding or leakage. Reinforced pocket support frames eliminate flexing or buckling, even in a turbulent operating environment.  The DriPak 2000 filter is available in four efficiencies, MERV 15, MERV 14, MERV 12, and MERV 8 to meet the requirements of your HVAC system.   The DriPak 2000 filter with antimicrobial is designed specifically to improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Air filters trap and concentrate particulate air contaminants including viable fungal and bacterial spores.  The presence of the antimicrobial preservative in the filter media is intended to preserve the integrity of the media throughout the useful life of the filter. Antimicrobial preservatives are not meant to increase the efficiency of the filter, nor to kill microorganisms “on the fly” as they pass through a filter.

Cube Filters

AmerSeal Cube filters employ a triple density, single-piece media designed to catch and hold more particulate. The upstream, or dirty air side of the filter, contains 40 denier fibers which catch larger particles and prevent faceloading. The media then transitions to 15 denier fibers which remove smaller particles from the airstream. The downstream, or clean air side, contains 6 denier fibers which capture even finer particles. 

Self-Sealing Design

The media is sonically sealed around an internal wire support frame that forms a friction fit with the holding frame. The self-sealing design provides the fastest, easiest installation of any extended surface filter on the market. Simply push the filter into the frame. The polyester media forms a built-in gasket between the wire support frame and holding frame that secures the filter in place and seals it to prevent bypass. No clips, latches, or basket-type wire retainers are required. 

Single Pocket or Two Pocket Models

Two pockets increase exposure of the media to incoming dirty air.  Higher dust holding capacity extends service life. Two pocket models also provide lower initial resistance. 

Pressure Sensitive, Dirt-Holding Adhesive

A non-drying adhesive designed exclusively for synthetic media is applied to the downstream layer. The adhesive prevents dirt particles from migrating through the media and blowing downstream.

Header Style

AmerSeal Cubes are available with a 13/16" thick U-channel header for side access installations or other systems where a header is required.