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Water Filters

S1-Series Pleated Cellulose Sediment Cartridges

S1-Series Pleated Cellulose Sediment Cartridges

Pleated cellulose cartridges are designed for general water filtration purposes. They are economical, yet highly effective at reducing sediment particles down to nominal 20 micron in size, which is half the size of visible particles.

Pleated construction of corrugated media, with over 4 sq. ft. per standard 9 3/4" cartridge, provides increased surface area and strength which results in extended life. An external netted sheath provides extra support to protect against system pulsating. End caps are fused to the cellulose media preventing bypass and forming a gasket sealing area.

Non-Cellulose Carbon-Impregnated Pleated Cartridges

The NCP cartridges are constructed from a non-cellulose carbon-impregnated media. Unlike cellulose type cartridges, the NCP's are resistant to both bacterial attack and biofilm buildup allowing them to be used in non-chlorinated and well water applications.

Pleats provide additional surface area for high dirt loading capacities and extended life while maintaining minimal pressure drop. In addition to filtering sediment particles down to 10 micron (nominal) the NCP's reduce unwanted tastes, odors and chlorine. Cartridges are excellent polishing filters. Ideal for Post-Reverse Osmosis and well water applications.

  • Powder Carbon reduces chlorine taste and odor
  • Sediment particles reduced to 10 micron.
  • Non-Cellulose media resists bacterial attack
  • Pleated for maximum dirt-loading capacity
  • Various sizes available to meet your needs
Radial Flow Iron Reduction Cartridges
Radial Flow Iron Reduction Cartridges
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Cartridge provides an easy and effective method of reducing iron in water.
  • Improves taste of water by reducing the metallic taste caused by iron.
  • Helps to eliminate orange/brown stains often found on sinks, toilets, tubs and other plumbing fixtures.
  • Completely safe for drinking water - no harmful chemicals added to water.
  • Reduces possibility of damage to pipes and hot water heaters.
  • Reduces dissolved iron up to 3 ppm.
  • For best results pre-sediment and post-carbon treatment is recommended.


Dual-Gradient Density Cartridges
DGD-Series Spun-Polypropylene Cartridges

Advanced design combines selective "Final filtration" with appropriate "Pre-filtration" to achieve up to 3 times the dirt holding capacity of similar size sediment cartridges, and many times that of standard spun or string wound cartridges.

Both the pre- and post filter components of the DGD Series Cartridges are separate gradient density filters. Gradient density filters reduce larger particles, which would blind-off ordinary surface filters, on their outer layers while reducing finer particles on their inner layers. This design maximizes utilization of the filtration media.

DGD-Series cartridges are made from bacteria resistant pure polypropylene which makes them ideal for all municipal, rural, residential and commercial applications. Combining two separate gradient layers in one filter further enhances cartridge performance. The larger diameter of the pre-filter reduces the particle load to the post filter which allows it to operate at higher velocities. The effective filter depth is increased to a full 233% of the standard spun-polypropylene or string wound filters. This increased depth provides for very high particulate reduction efficiencies and added loading capabilities.

DGD series Spun-polypropylene Cartridges
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Tech-Spun Depth Wound Filter Cartridges

Tech-Spun Depth Wound Filter Cartridges

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For controlled micronic clarification of liquids and gases

Tech-Spun Filter Tubes are wound in a structure available in various highly tentacular fibers to selectively remove particles in graduated densities for optimal filtration from 100 to 1 microns. Progressive removal of particles from surface to core provides true depth filtration and a large contaminant holding capacity. The non-rupturing filter media is not subject to fracture or disturbance in shipping, handling or in-service pressure shocks. Filter tube sealing is positive. Tech-Spun Filter Tubes are supported by chemically resistant rigid metallic or non-metallic center cores.

  • Bleached White Cotton
  • Polypropylene
Center Cores
  • Polypropylene
  • Stainless Steel Type 316
  • Tinplated Steel
  • Stainless Steel Type304
  • All Standard Sizes
  • Special lengths, O.D.'s and I.D.'s available where required