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High Performance Filter Elements

Dualglass Media employs a graded density fiber matrix throughout the thickness of the media. The decreasing pore size yields maximum particulate capacity by utilizing the media's entire depth.  The synergy of the Dualglass media pack, delivers the high efficiencies required to meet and maintain target cleanliness levels without sacrificing capacity or restricting flow. Support mesh assures media integrity and pleat spacing even under dynamic flow  conditions.  Hy-Pro elements are tested to perform under the most challenging industrial and mobile applications.

Capabilities of Dualglass Media


  • Cleanliness range -  beta1> = 200 to beta 60 >=200

  • Temperature range - -45 F to 225 F (Nitrile seals), -20F to 250F (Viton seals)

  • Collapse pressure range - up to 3000 psid

  • Element size range - 5 gpm to 300 gpm

  • Fluid Capability - (ISO 2943) high water based fluids, petroleum fluids, water gycols, oil-water emulsions.  Viton seals are required for phosphate esters, diesters, and specified synthetics.

Dualglass Advantages:

  • Reduced life cycle costs

  • Better fluid cleanliness

  • Longer element life

  • Higher dirt capacities (see performance testing)

  • Coreless design available

  • Extend component life

  • Mobile equipment rated elements

Hy-Pro filter elements also available in the following media options:
Stainless Fiber, Stainless Wire Mesh, Water Removal, and Cellular
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