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Hydraulic Filtration

Filter Assemblies

High pressure filters. Operating pressure 6000 psig, flowrates to 120 gpm
  • 6000 psi max operating pressure
  • 150 gpm max flow rate
  • Housings in conform to AIAG HF2, HF3, HF4 specs
  • In-line and manifold mount
  • Servo-safe filters (include manifold adapter plates)


Low pressure filters. Operating pressure to 400 psig, flowrates to 300 gpm
  • In-tank return and return-line assemblies
  • 600 gpm max flow rate
  • 1000 psi max operating pressure
  • Coreless element technology
Spin on filters for suction and return. Operating pressure 200, flowrates to 120 gpm
  • 150 psi max operating pressure
  • 120 gpm max flow rate
  • Single and dual head configurations
In-tank mount filters. Operating pressure 100 psi, flowrates to 100 gpm
  • Ideal for mobile equipment, power units, and other return line applications.
  • Visual & electrical DP indicators
  • Port sizes: 1/2" to 1 5/8" NPT, 1 1/2" SAE 4-bolt
  • High efficiency Dualglass elements with 300 psid collapse rating. Beta = 200, wire mesh media, water removal capabilities and  cellulose (nominal) elements available.
  • Element compatibility with hydraulic fluids, high water base fluids, water glycols, and emulsions


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