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 Gas Phase Filtration

Industrial Applications

As long as there are electronics and instruments in industrial facilities there is a need to monitor and remove corrosive gases. Corrosive gases found in control rooms, rack rooms, PLC areas, laboratories and any other area housing sensitive and expensive equipment will slowly degrade the performance of electronics by corroding the circuitry. Once corrosion occurs on a printed circuit board, the instrument is no longer reliable. Furthermore, corrosion can lead to ghost signals, misinformation, and eventually computer failure.

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Archival Applications

There are few places where the control of the environment is more critical than in facilities where archives are housed. They operate under a different set of standards from other buildings, and it has become imperative to understand and control their environments.

In order to maintain the proper environmental conditions, curators and facility managers must understand the challenges: temperature, humidity, lighting, particulate control and gases. Gases contribute to the deterioration of all organic materials and are just as threatening as fluctuations in temperature and humidity. They tarnish metals, yellow paper and crack paintings, and they come from a myriad of of sources: vehicular traffic, neighboring industries, food service, restoration labs and cleaning products.

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